Have Fun, But Keep an Eye Out for Those Who Aren’t Good

Why do people seem to fall into a well when they’re searching for an intimate friend they’re compatible with? Very often, it’s as though they have no common sense at all and end up getting hurt by a stranger they should not have trusted. People reading the newspaper think, “Don’t they know that everyone can’t be trusted?” They become like the young rabbit happily playing in the yard while a cat is lurking in the darkness of the bushes watching every moment, and waiting for the right time to pounce!

Today, there are advocates who write about these kinds of episodes and strive to keep men, and women, from getting hurt. There’s some great info here about actual happenings written by Brian David Crane. He writes about the seriousness of online dating and about people trusting others too quickly. He gives pointers on staying safe by always being near someone else until trust is developed between the couple.

It’s not just men who are out to do wrong; many women are searching for a man they can hurt or rob. Very often they’re up to no good and working with another person out to harm their prey. Men think they’re strong and always able to take care of themselves, while allowing themselves to be taken in by a deceitful and conniving person.

Read the articles about staying safe when dating a stranger. If a person is taught to keep their eyes open and listen to what’s going on around them, and to always let someone know about their plans, they’ll be much safer.

No one wants to go through life constantly being suspicious of another person, but everyone has to be careful they’re not the next in line for an unscrupulous character to hurt. Deaths have been reported when items were listed for sale and an interested person ended up being killed by partners in crime.

Being naive often leads to disaster. Even though many people feel that everyone has good in them, they have to be wise, so they’re not a lamb being led to a slaughter. Many people make it their life’s work to write about and warn others of what can happen to them. Learn something from their articles, and be forewarned.